Frankly, The best burger I’ve ever had. 500 Degrees. Kobe Burger.

500 Degrees Kobe Burger w/Bacon & Truffle Fries – and that’s my lunch

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From the Website:

“THE CONCEPT behind 500 Degrees
(the optimum temperature of a burger-ready cooking surface, btw) stemmed from a desire to make a world-class, memorable, gourmet burger.

It needed to both diverge and evolve from “fast food”. It needed an angle. An attitude, even. That’s what 500 Degrees is. We’re not going to pretend as if the burger is the end all and be all of our culture nor are we going to bask in the glow of culinary self-importance. We just wanted to make a kick-ass burger
For almost fourteen years, our experiences in the burger business at Rouge taught us a lot about what people really wanted and it was that insight which defined 500 Degrees
Fresh beef, never frozen. It’s thick and doesn’t fall apart.

Diverse, high-quality toppings. The more the merrier.

The softest and tastiest Challah roll you’ve ever eaten.

Crispy, awesome fries.

Memorable milkshakes.

That’s what 500 Degrees is about. It’s also about choice.
Tell us how you want your burger cooked
and that’s the way it’s going to be cooked.

We can call our burger joint “gourmet express”.
We can call our product “professional burgers”.
It really doesn’t matter.

What matters is that once you’ve had it,
you’ll understand why most of the time, keeping things simple
and mastering the basics is all you ever really need to do
in order to create something special and succeed.

We love burgers just as much as our customers.

Come check us out”.

from Twitter

June 27, 2015 at 11:34AM