This week I’m in NYC having the best fish and chips I’ve ever had at A Salt & Battery on Greenwich Ave.

A Salt & Battery

A Salt & Battery Home

British Fish and Chips in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York

The lunch special was $10 and change, which included a battered sole fillet (quite generously sized – it covered most of the chip basket) with a side of home made tartar sauce.

Did I mention it was awesome? It most definitely was.

Also aquired a new taste for malt vinegar (Sarson’s, IIRC) – even the ketchup was pleasingly different from the normallly sugar (HFCS) laden US ketchup.

But don’t just take my word for it:

Nick Solares writes this in his Serious Eats article about A Salt & Battery:

“Fortunately, A Salt & Battery opened shortly after English Harbour closed, and for the ex-pat or anyone that has enjoyed the real deal in the UK, New York was finally blessed with a true fish ‘n chip shop. A Salt & Battery became the standard bearer for the authentic chip shop experience in Manhattan and helped give the cuisine some much needed legitimacy.

A decade on and, as recent visit confirmed, they are still churning out a top quality product. There have been some changes—admirably, cod has been replaced by pollock because of concerns about sustainability—and of course there has been some price creep. But A Salt & Battery offers as close to the authentic chippy experience as one could hope to find outside of the UK.”

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